Academic Leadership Journey Level 1

Academic Leadership Programme ...
we help great scientists become great leaders.

Based on our experience in academic organisations (universities and research institutes) we have developed a Leadership Journey for Academic Leaders, focussing on:

  • What's your story: Leadership starts with knowing yourself ... and others.
  • It's all about words: or how to engage people by being respectful but not cautious.
  • Getting things done: as a manager, coach, leader and entrepreneur.
  • Challenge and support for top performance: leading, coaching, inspiring & motivating people and teams.
  • Leadership is shared: building Trust, Ownership and Extraordinary Teams

Common thread: finding real working solutions and approaches based on your own true colours: your talents, your preferences, your allergies & your challenges. The programme is a well defined blend of group training and individual coaching.

More information on the content: see 'programme'

More information on how the programme is organised: see 'grand tour'

Practical information you can find here. To register for the programme, click here.

Download Science Thru Colours flyer winter 2020.pdf


  "The lonely genius who is inventing smart solutions in his or her own world is becoming, or already is, an extinct species. Academic research is increasingly conducted in teams" (*)


(*)Verbree, Maaike, Dynamics of Academic Leadership in Research Groups. 2011