Who we are

True Colours® is a creation of Lisa Boelaert and Herwig Deconinck – inspired by 17 years of working together and our shared drive, dream and vision concerning people, development, teamwork & change.

We work closely together with our partners Kurt De Soete, Sara Leysen, Mien Gheysens, Els Vanparys, Katleen van Rossem and Wendy Van den Bulck. Together, we can do more.

As a change consultancy, we have built a niche within research and academic organisations on the one hand (see Academics), and we work for profit, non-profit, production and service companies on the other hand.

We coach:

  • Individuals (coaching/training/supporting)
  • Teams (team coaching, conflict mediation, team development, teambuilding)
  • Organisations (process support, work conferences and large group interventions, setting up and guiding change programmes, strategy exercises, …)

regarding the changes that are happening to them or in which they find themselves.

We like to combine our insights and experiences in HR, solutions-focused work practices, organisational design and lean management, and personal and team leadership.

We specialise in short-term projects within a long-term relationship: a thorough knowledge of the client enables us to respond maximally to concrete requests and makes change possible in the short-term.