What we offer


We offer our programmes to individuals, teams and organisations that are confronted with a challenge:

Organisational change programmes in which we help you make well-founded strategic choices and also guide the implementation of those choices in a Guerilla Goodness way.

Team coaching programmes for new teams that want everyone’s nose pointing in the same direction, for existing teams in which conflicts are disrupting collaboration, or for teams that are facing a fundamental change.

Training programmes in which people really get down to work on themselves, strengthening themselves through a keener awareness of their true colours and through a number of concrete steppingstones and tools that they can put to use.

Individual coaching in which we have individuals look in the mirror, search for ways to pry ingrained patterns loose, and acquire new insights and skills.

HR advice for developing organisational structures and career paths, setting up evaluation and performance management systems, introducing performance interviews, implementing coaching and mentoring systems, drawing up an HR policy or professionalising the HR department itself.