Focus on the future: working in a solutions-focused way

In our team coaching, we devote special attention and energy to the future that the team wants to go for. Even when the past or the present has been quite unpleasant for the team. We are convinced that your problems are not solved by a good understanding of how they originated – on the contrary, the better you understand that, the more embedded the patterns become. This doesn’t mean that we avoid or evade existing problems. We always re-frame each problem as an opportunity, and we constantly invite the group to find the leverage for sustainable improvement: What do we really want? What are we able to do? And so, what shall we do?

Tapping into energy sources

A special study by Gallup International shows that organisations can make better use of their potential by fully building on the talents of each employee than by focusing on eliminating weaknesses and gaps. So, we make participants aware of their own strengths, and then look for ways to develop them even further and deploy them more effectively for the organisation.

Guerilla Goodness

With Guerilla Goodness, we urge team members to take responsibility for their situation and to look for ways to break through the patterns and imbalances they are currently in. To discover enjoyable, energy-producing – and sometimes a little ‘audacious’ – ways with which we want to change situations into win-win-win situations. And also to learn to use each other as springboards for getting through more difficult periods/projects/customers.

Strong team foundations

Through our coaching interventions, the team members define together the foundations on which their collaboration is built: shared and meaningful team objectives, explicit mutual expectations, a limited number of unequivocal work agreements and well-worn codes of conduct. By working out these foundations, we draw maximally on the sources of energy and the unique true colours that are already present in the team today.

Small steps, visible results

At the end of each intervention, there is a concrete plan of action that all of the team members have actively helped to develop, and which they clearly recognise their own responsibilities in actualising. This puts the team in motion from the very start. Furthermore, through the project, the team members learn that team foundations are continuously subject to change. So, one of the concrete objectives of our coaching is to ensure that the team is always able to enter into dialogue about touchy issues (instead of battling about them).