Science through True Colours

“… so don’t be afraid to show your true colours” 
(Phil Collins)
It takes authentic leaders to inspire people. Your own true colours are the basis for authentic leadership. Throughout this programme you discover the different shades of your personal colour palette:
  • Your talents. Core qualities and strengths that allow you to achieve exceptional results and to inspire others. Things you often don’t find that special, since to you they come naturally.
  • Your preferences & allergies. Your preferred ways of dealing with things & people and what practices & behaviours get on your nerves.
  • Your challenges. Not yet discovered talents on the one hand and weaknesses on the other hand.

Research shows that people achieve significantly higher results in a much faster way when they develop their talents, than when they try to improve on their weaknesses. Therefore we lead you to discovering your personal talents.
We challenge you to go beyond the mere discovery of your true colours. Knowing your talents is important but not enough. Indeed, research also shows that even for the most talented individuals, years of practice and experience is necessary to become an expert. Therefore this leadership journey will not be an easy ride on things you’re already good at, but a challenging quest for improving your talents to an expert level.
Next to this, we offer tools, strategies and shortcuts to effectively deal with situations and challenges you're actually not talented (enough) for.

You will innovate & inspire science & scientists through your true colours.