Science thru Colours: training programme for professors only

Based on our experience in academic institutes & organizations (universities & research institutes)  we have developed a Leadership Programme for Academic Leaders.

What's your story ?

  • Personal preferences (MBTI)
    • Discover your personal preferences, qualities, challenges and allergies
    • Recognize other people’s preference and broaden the range of people you can work with
  • Your 'why'
    • Discover and voice what the difference is you want to make to your world

It's all about words. 

  • Respond, don’t react
  • Engage people through respectful but not cautious communication
  • Recognize and change interaction patterns
  • Share expectations and feedback effectively
  • Anticipate and effectively deal with conflicts, crisis, or other difficult situations

Getting things done... as a manager, coach, leader and entrepreneur

  • Decide consciously when to “manage” your colleagues and when to “lead” the space
  • Delegate responsibilities wisely
  • Motivate people to take up their own responsibility and make their own decisions
  • Inspire people to identify with the ultimate scientific breakthroughs you are trying to achieve with your research group
  • Leading is not about hierarchy. It is about the mandate that you give yourself

Challenge and support for top performance

  • Discover your preferred leadership style
  • Learn to adapt your leadership style to the needs of your colleagues
  • Create a fertile breeding ground for highly skilled professionals (who might become your competitors …)
  • Coaching people who sometimes are more expert in their domain than you are
  • Increase motivation and commitment within your team

Me and my world

  • Positive politics
  • Influencing stakeholders to create common ground
  • Networking skills and working towards more visibility

Leadership is shared.  Building trust, ownership and extraordinary teams

  • Teamwork within a group where collaborators come and go; and where funding is far from stable
  • Build the team around a compelling purpose
  • Put trust and ownership in the team, shared leadership
  • Install just enough structure and procedures
  • Ensure a respectful but not cautious way of interacting within the team