Lisa Boelaert

Lisa Boelaert True ColoursLisa Boelaert is a partner at True Colours cvba, a consultancy network that focuses primarily on growth & development, teamwork & collaboration, change & organisational development, and HR as business partner.

“As an organisational psychologist, certified coach and certified MBTI coach, I guide projects in a wide range of sectors and organisations. I started as an independent consultant, building on a background of 6 years of experience as an HR professional at PricewaterhouseCoopers and KU Leuven, plus 4 years of consulting experience with Bekaert-Stanwick (where my collaboration with Herwig began). In addition, as a visiting lecturer, I give a number of courses in leadership and teamwork at various colleges & universities (PHL, Katho, K.H.Leuven, KU Leuven, Universiteit Hasselt, …). In 2008, Herwig and I took a Master Course in Solutions Focused Coaching & Management. Since then, the solutions-focused approach has been the connecting theme running through all our projects: making people aware of the choices they have, the resilient management of setbacks and limitations, and helping define creative new steps for taking their future into their own hands.”