Guerilla Goodness: Jumping, flying, diving, falling, getting up and going on

We challenge our participants to grab the opportunity to grow with both hands and to break out of their shell. This assumes that you do more than absorb theories and stuff tips & tricks into your pocket (you can just as well download those things from the internet). We expect the participants to find the courage to take themselves seriously and to participate wholeheartedly in our simulations and exercises.

Relevant frameworks and exercises

Our approach is experience-oriented. We develop realistic cases based on the participants’ own work context, so that we engage actively with their experience and can offer exercises and ‘experiments’ that make a difference. We sharpen self-insight and skills on the basis of a limited number of strategically chosen supportive theoretical frameworks. Where it is useful, we use instruments like MBTI and LIFO.

Tailored learning process

No session evolves 100% exactly the same as another. During our training programmes, we always take advantage of what presents itself ‘here and now’ in the group. We guarantee that the agreed content will be provided, and we’re always looking for the processes and exercises that enable the participants to find a foothold (via the provided frameworks) for getting down to work with their own challenges.

Application and integration

We always work in a solutions-focused manner – and so we’re constantly asking the usefulness questions: in what way is this useful for you? how will you use this? what are you going to do that’s new/different? We guide the participants in applying what they have learned to their own work context.