Katleen Van Rossem

As an engineer I have worked for over 20 years in various branches of industry where I have immersed myself in quality, environment and safety. As a safety advisor, I became more and more interested in the human side of the safety story. Safety behavior, well-being culture and leadership of the hierarchical line (HL) became my favorite themes, as I believe those subjects make the difference. I followed several courses on coaching (business coaching, coaching professionals, systemic coaching) and gained my first coaching experience in the academic world. Through coaching, I want to support the leadership and, together with the managers, achieve more openness and a solution-oriented approach. I love conveying knowledge and 'creating together' in workshops with a team. I can share these passions as a freelancer. I like to support you and your organization in setting up your (welfare) culture, in safety behavior and in supporting the managers. My subjects at True Colors are self-insight as an individual and as part of a group, project-oriented solution-oriented work, leadership, strengthening the team and creating happiness. I believe that by strengthening self-management and self-awareness of each individual in an organization, the results come naturally. I look forward to contribute to your organization.