HR Advice

Our offering

From our experience as HR professionals, we coach you in drawing up organisational structures and career paths, setting up evaluation and performance management systems, introducing performance interviews, implementing coaching and mentoring systems, developing leadership programmes, …

And we also support the professionalisation of your HR department itself. In this regard, we’re thinking of the positioning of the HR department, the various roles that can be played, the development of your HR Balanced Scorecard, the coaching of HR managers and specialists, networking with other organisations that are facing similar challenges, and more.

Guerilla Goodness HR

We always strive to develop HR processes and tools as a minimal structure. By this we mean that these tools support management and staff maximally with minimal administrative burden. Among other things, this entails designing tools so that the users can adapt them optimally to their own needs and situation. So, no inventions by and for management or the personnel service – instead, useable HR processes and tools that work.

Our role

Depending on the request, we serve as:

  • Strategic partner: together with the HR or administrative director, we draw up an integrated HR strategy. We integrate both the business strategy and the Corporate HR strategy (as applicable) in this integrated strategy.
  • Expert: we bring in HR technical expertise to develop concrete HR systems and programmes according to the needs of the organisation’s HR professionals, managers and employees.
  • Interim HR manager: we serve as interim manager for the implementation and follow-up of the strategy and systems that have been developed, so that they truly deliver the desired results in the organisation’s day-to-day operations.
  • Go-between: as necessary, we translate your organisation’s particular needs to third parties with whom we’re collaborating in order to guarantee an integrated and correct HR policy within the organisation. In this regard, we’re thinking of the collaborations with a social secretariat, head-hunter agencies, or other certified partners.