How ?

We believe that people can always make the difference. Whether it’s a management team, a department, a workgroup, a participant or a coachee:

... we make people take responsibility for their future and invite them to dream of what they really want,
... we help you make the detailed vision of that future very concrete,
... and we investigate together what the rules of the game would be.

We challenge you to realise the future step by step:
... behaving as if the rules of the game have already changed,
... taking surprising actions that cannot be ignored,
... trying out new behaviours that fit more closely with how we really want things to be.

With the absolute condition that actions are never directed against something or someone, but rather for something new.

We call our approach Guerilla Goodness. Literally, ‘Guerilla’ means ‘little war’. With Guerilla Goodness, we launch a very tiny war – which is better than unspoken, repressed words, derisive bursts of laughter, or other defense mechanisms. A very tiny war as means – with goodness as goal.

Guerilla Goodness is an approach that builds on the power of concrete, small hit-and-run actions to break through existing patterns, to change the rules of the game by surprise, to knock the system off balance with unexpected actions and reactions – not to blow up the issue, but to create new ‘imbalances’ and thus release hidden and forgotten energy.

So, Guerilla Goodness is not a bottom-up or top-down approach – it’s an approach through which new patterns are created from inside-out.

For more information about the Guerilla Goodness approach, Article guerilla goodness.pdf