Herwig Deconinck

Herwig Deconinck True ColoursHerwig Deconinck is also a partner at True Colours cvba.

“I am active in a variety of organisations as an educator, project coach, coach and LIFO® licensee. I began my career in a bank, entering the HR world via the socio-cultural sector: first as founder and training manager for the joint educational fund for the technology industry (Agoria/Vormetal O&W-Vlaanderen), and then as Manager Training & Development for DVV Verzekeringen (Dexia/Belfius).

After a consultant position with Bekaert-Stanwick (where my collaboration with Lisa began), I’ve been an independent consultant since the end of 2003: first as founding member of the Viisiteam network (Lean Management); and then, in 2005, I founded True Colours with Lisa. Getting individuals, teams and organisations moving by doing things surprisingly differently, colouring outside the lines, and always looking further for why it can be done. An AI workshop, the Master Course in Solutions Focused Coaching & Management, Kaos Pilots Creative Leadership Programme (Denmark), Deep Democracy programme, countless books and articles, and new experiences time after time in client projects, give me the inspiration to find a unique response to each assignment.”