Els Vanparys

Els Vanparys is a freelance consultant at True Colors. After 20 years of management positions in the private sector, I have taken a new course as an independent management consultant, (change) coach and interim manager.

I graduated in 1997 as a historian and ended up in the banking and insurance world by coincidence. I always worked very close to the core business. I passionately developed several new departments, supervised or implemented change processes, thought about the future strategy and was responsible for the day-to-day management of people and teams. For me, leadership grew from a job of coordinating, organizing and structuring to motivating, giving "enthusiasm", challenging, developing and coaching talents.

Based on my passion and experience, I coach teams and companies today: designing the strategy and DNA of a company, structuring and putting together teams, drawing up roles and cooperation models, coaching the manager (s) and employees in various leadership roles and aspects, I believe in the power of talent management, co-creation, self-leadership, self-organizing teams, open communication, ecosystems and the positive mutual influence of human factors and the digital world. The challenges for the future include digitization, gig-economy, sharing economy, work-life balance and mobility that will require other forms of cooperation. My ambition is to give people as much as possible enthusiasm for "working".

“Leadership is about one life influencing another and giving roots & wings at the same time