Sharp focus

We focus on the challenges & objectives that the coachee proposes together with his/her management. Together we determine: what is going well at the moment and thus should be reinforced, where the challenges lie, how you will determine that the objectives are being met, and what results will be achieved.

(Re)discovering one’s own powers and colours

During our coaching, we challenge you to take your future into your own hands. No analysis of the causes of the challenges that you’re facing. The better you understand the causes, the more justification for difficulties. Instead, learning from moments in which things are working, searching for things that do work, developing and trying out new practices, and discussing them afterwards. We help you muster the courage to take small steps again and again, and to break through ingrained patterns – even in those situations in which that’s not easy to do.


As a coach, we assume the role of mirror, confronter, hard-questions-asker, and concerned guide. We constantly build further on the answers that you as coachee find and work out yourself. Where it is useful, we give substantive and practical advice, as inspiration for new practices. Between the coaching sessions, you can reach us via phone or e-mail for first aid in the event of incidents: not a towel for the bleeding, but rather a sounding board for you to find your own answers.

Guerilla Goodness: small experiments

Thanks to our solutions-focused approach, you as coachee find in each session concrete insights and practices that you can use immediately and that we come back to in the following session. We challenge you to challenge unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, to give never-before-attempted behaviours a chance, to abandon set patterns. In brief, to surprise yourself, to knock yourself ‘off-balance’ and thus establish new, more constructive patterns that produce better results.