The preparations and the development of teams and teamwork together with you have made our company perform even better and have put us back on the map within the organisation. Teamwork is now ingrained in all parts of the company and we can no longer imagine ourselves without it. Some teams are on the threshold of going for total self-direction, and I’m convinced that they will succeed in doing so this year. Another milestone is about to be accomplished. Thank you for the indispensable support in the early years of this ambitious project.

Johan Stalpaert, Director Operations, Bombardier Transportation Belgium

I did several very interesting projects with Lisa and Herwig in my previous job as training manager at IMEC. The projects were not constructed out of well-trodden paths: Lisa and Herwig were the guides who, together with my client and with me, travelled to the goal. Along the way, we saw some very fine things and learned a lot. Meanwhile, I’ve learned to use (a part of) their tools of the trade in my current job. Yes, I still think of them very often and the things they taught me.

Kathleen Vynck, Services Manager Landelijk Dienstencoöperatief

How do you go about working with competencies in a small organisation in which each of the employees is an expert in his/her field? True Colours put us on the right path. They quickly learned the ropes in our particular context. Through the coaching, it became clear that, in addition to professional knowledge, skills and insight are important as well to really perform fully in a function. Everyone is now convinced that working with competency profiles is a growth process that leads to a win-win-win result for individual, organisation and client.

Jan Timmermans, Director, Kunstenloket VZW

We worked hard with True Colours on a couple of cornerstones of operational excellence: teamwork and leadership. The company’s objectives were determined in group, the roles and responsibilities of all employees were clearly defined, and TQM workgroups were set up. We see a definite change in the company’s daily operations: better collaboration and greater sense of responsibility on all levels. We’re on the right track!

Koen Groothaert, Global Manufacturing Manager, Bekaert Carding Solutions

With True Colours, we not only succeeded in handling the various personalities and management styles in our team more consciously, True Colours also held a mirror up to our management team. For an organisation like ours – where technology plays a central role – the collaboration with True Colours has been a big enrichment and has brought balance in the day-to-day thinking and acting of the management and the entire team. In particular, the fact that True Colours listens and offers high-quality tailored interventions distinguishes them from the other providers of such services.

Jo Coutuer, Managing Partner at Numius N.V.

Several times now, we have called on you, with success, to coach our teams. Thanks to you, we’ve succeeded in having our teams work more ‘inteamitly’ together. In an uncomplicated way, and in the language of our employees, you succeed in making (sometimes inarticulate) problems or ‘blind spots’ discussible and in delivering insights that help us arrive at solutions.

Sofie Bevernage, HRM Adiviseur, Aquafin

As leaders of programmes that are focused on performing as person, manager, coach, Herwig and Lisa have become indispensable to our scientific environment. Their great strength is their thorough preparation of the content specifically for the people that will participate in their programme and for the applicability of what they want to provide. This special preparation enables them, like no one else, to project themselves into the work situation of their ‘students’ – with the result that the participants feel understood, supported and inspired.

Marijke Lein, HR Director, VIB