Change according to a methodical plan doesn’t work

Organisational change succeeds only when the people in the organisation truly change their own behaviour and habits as well. Studies show that 70% of all change projects fail: employees have not adjusted their way of working, and customers do not see any change. Even though the change has been well-organised and carried out according to a methodical plan, and the new structures and practices have been clearly mapped out ... in actuality, the organisation is no different than before.


If we want people to alter their behaviour and habits, it’s crucial that they be able to identify with the desired change and that they know what difference they can make in realising this change. So, the greatest driving force for the success of this change project is inside the people involved: only when they feel co-ownership with the structure, processes and tools that have been developed ‘for them’ and appreciate the benefits of these things, will they also actively and successfully contribute to making them happen. Therefore, in our approach, we systematically involve the employees themselves, and we have them play an active role in developing processes and tools.

Guerilla Goodness

To do this, we consistently apply our Guerilla Goodness approach: we work with clusters of employees from all levels, who together concretise how they see themselves and others once the change will have been made. We challenge them to translate this image of the future, despite all limitations, into something they can choose for; and then to define concrete practices, habits, and processes that must change to realise this future.

We accentuate the most noticeable desired differences from today’s situation, and we ensure that they become reality through small hit-and-run actions – initiatives that make the current way of working wobble, so that everybody in the organisation starts to think about new, alternative ways of working.

For more information about this Guerilla Goodness approach, read this article.

Our toolbox

We employ lots of different ways of working: search conferences, workshops, building a good project structure, sounding board, coaching clusters in the organisation: work teams/change teams/management teams, coaching middle management as facilitators of the change, and more.