Ensuring a challenging learning journey

We guarantee this leadership journey to be truely intriguing and inspiring by it's challenging nature. We invite you to :

  • explore your personal questions & challenges during the intake interview with one of the facilitators 
  • collaborate on these with your peers during the intense training session that is organized residentially
  • actively apply your "lessons learnt" during the weeks/months after the training session
  • explore your answers & solutions in an individual coaching session with one of the facilitators

We guide you through your journey as facilitator & coach

  • we offer simple but effective theories & frameworks which we help translate into personal best practices by applying them to your real-life situations & challenges. 
  • we consistently invite you to understand your true colours: your personal preferences, biases and driving forces, encouraging you to also explore alternative behaviours. Carefrontation is our motto: we challenge you in a respectful way.