... an inner guerillero – who wants to make its own choices rather than endure the choices of others – is hiding in each of us

... our true colours our talents, preferences, allergies and aspirations – are the source of energy for these choices

... people in organisations need each other to translate what they no longer want into what they do want

... it’s our dream in each project to renew the desire of people and organisations to really give new things a chance


... created True Colours – a ‘partner in crime’ for organisations that see themselves faced with important, sometimes difficult, strategic choices; for teams that want to strengthen their teamwork; for individuals who are confronted with professional challenges.

... focus, in each of our programmes, on developing leadership and self-leadership.

... challenge organisations, teams and individuals to break through non-productive patterns and to choose change.

... go further in our interventions than intentions or dreams. Every project includes concrete plans and practical approaches.

... search constantly for the right balance between confrontation and comfort.